Save Our Cabins!

On Tuesday November 7, 2023, City of Kingston Council voted to wind down our vital and innovative sleeping cabin program. This decision came as a shock, as we had been working towards finding a permanent location for our cabin community. Homestead had made a generous $900,000 offer for a 10 year lease, at $1 a year, all capital and site preparation costs, including buying the existing cabins, and $50,000 per year for 3 years towards operating costs. This was an extremely generous donation which City Council threw away. Who throws away $900,000?

See Staff Report , and recording of the Council meeting.

Mistaken Information Behind the Council Decision

How do our residents feel about this decision? Listen to Marsha on CBC All in a Day

Where will our residents go?

So far, we have not seen a transition plan for our residents to move to permanent housing. Why? Attainable housing is scarce in the City of Kingston. We have seen an effort to convince our residents to move to other transition housing programs which puts them at a high risk to end up without a home again. Of the 17 residents with us in November, 2023, one has successfully transitioned to supportive housing!

What's the Plan?

What can you do?