OLS Dental Fund

Helping people exit homelessness includes addressing barriers to their well being. Many of the people we support have not had access to dental care or the facilities to participate in good dental hygiene. We often encounter people who are in significant pain due to dental infections, broken teeth, cavities, etc. Dental benefits provided through social incomes (OW/ODSP) are not adequate to properly support someone who has complex dental challenges. In response to the gap in resources available, OLS offers a Dental Fund to help people experiencing homelessness in the Kingston area develop healthy smiles.

How has OLS's Dental Fund helped?

As we approve applications to OLS's Dental Fund, we will list completed assistance here.

$120 - Post surgery prescriptions not covered by ODSP

$3695 - Full extraction surgery with IV sedation

$3634 - Upper and Lower Dentures. A new smile!

Who can apply for Dental Fund support?

Our Livable Solutions’ Dental Fund has been developed to address a gap in dental benefits available to those with limited incomes. The OLS Dental Fund is designed to support the dental needs of current or former residents of the OLS Sleeping Cabin Community. If the balance in the Dental Fund allows, dental costs for other people who are experiencing homelessness or precariously housed within 20 kilometers of the Greater Kingston, ON Area could also be considered.

What will the OLS Dental Fund pay for?

Funding will be considered for any costs associated with dental well being including, but not limited to:

How to Apply for OLS Dental Fund Support

OLS has tried to create a low barrier application process, recognizing the challenges already being faced by those struggling without a home. First step is to acquire a quote for the dental procedure or appliance needed and submit it through our online application form. The form may be submitted online, printed and mailed or dropped off at Unit 106 - 82 Sydenham Street in Kingston. If you need assistance completing the application, please contact OLS at (613)383-2292, we can help you complete the application over the phone.  Apply Here

How can I contribute to OLS's Dental Fund?

Thanks to an agreement with the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area contributions towards our resident's dental needs can now receive charitable tax receipts!  

Information about making a charitable donation can be found here.

What is OLS's Dental Fund Policy?

OLS's Dental Fund Policy can be viewed here.

What is the Dental Fund Advisory Committee?

The Dental Fund Advisory Committee (DFAC) is a group of volunteers who make decisions about Dental Fund applications, and assists OLS with policies and procedures related to OLS's Dental Fund. More volunteers are always welcome, DFAC meets as needed, within 10 days of receiving a Dental Fund Application. Please email volunteer@ourlivable.solutions to help people attain healthy smiles.

Dental Resources

How will the new Canadian Dental Care Plan impact our Dental Fund?

We are awaiting details about how the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) will be implemented. Some good news is that people with coverage through social programs (OW / ODSP) will be able to apply for CDCP benefits starting in 2025. If a person has a Disability Tax Credit Certificate, they can apply starting June 2024.  Coverage will be coordinated between the plans to ensure there are no gaps or duplications.

According to this analysis, the rates paid to dentists for CDCP insured services will be 80% less than standard dentistry rates and the government may allow billing patients for the cost difference, keeping people with lower incomes at a disadvantage.