Everyone has something they can do to help end homeless. A smile and kind words to someone having a difficult day can go a long way. Below are some other ideas.

Contribute Funds

Thanks to an arrangement with the Community Foundation of Kingston & Area, OLS can now receive charitable tax donations!

Contribute Ideas

The intent of our feedback form is to gather your ideas and suggestions about how to make a sleeping cabin community successful. If you have other ideas about how to end homelessness, we would love to hear them!

Contribute to Dental Fund

One of the biggest barriers we face is enabling people to exit homelessness with a healthy smile. Ontario Works (OW) and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) benefits do not provide enough funding for complex dental needs. Donors to OLS's Dental Fund can now receive Charitable Tax Receipts!

Contribute Time

Engaging with people in from all areas of the Kingston community, in meaningful conversation and activities, will help people without homes build resilience.  Volunteers will be encouraged to participate in OLS’s trauma informed education and courses. 

Types of volunteer activities could include:

Special occasion meal provision

Informal Life Skills education (cooking, doing laundry, meal-planning, budgeting etc)

Working within a ‘sponsorship’ plan, similar to the way refugees were welcomed to Kingston; a small team working closely with one resident to help them settle in and thrive.

Helping fill educational gaps

Furnishings and soft goods, bedding, personal touches

Skills training- knitting, music, carpentry, needlework, breadmaking, coding etc

Entertainment- movie screenings, workshops, musical performances

Our Livable Solutions joins more than 68 organizations fundraising at Play! Gaming and Entertainment on Bath Road in Kingston. Volunteers are needed to cover 2 hour sessions, training provided. 

Contribute Items

Our goal is to make our cabin community feel like a home as much as possible. We'd like to provision each cabin according to the residents' preferences. To help residents transition to permanent housing, when they get a permanent home, they'll be able to take the items with them. We will update our Cabin Community Needs List frequently and as residents request items.