The City of Kingston has a significant population of people experiencing homelessness and the numbers of people without homes is growing rapidly.  The most recent Point In Time count conducted by the United Way in April of 2021 found 207 people (within the existing shelter system & ICH) who identified as experiencing homelessness.

Of those 207 respondents:

58% are chronically homeless, meaning they’ve been without a home for 6 months or more of the last year.

45% of respondents have substance use issues

65% of respondents have mental health issues

People experiencing homelessness are often invisible, integrated in the community. The Point In Time count sometimes misses people staying with friends, sleeping in vehicles, living in hotels and people who don't 'look' homeless. 

As of October 2023, the City of Kingston's By Name List contains a list of 537 people without homes.

Chronic homelessness, substance use and mental health issues are difficult to navigate/manage, let alone overcome, in the traditional shelter system.

People who experience chronic homelessness are often uncomfortable inside traditional multi-residential settings, meaning that moving directly from the street into an apartment can be a very difficult transition.

Our Livable Solutions strongly believes that many people who struggle in the traditional shelter system could benefit from having a secure, stable place to live, where they can be supported on-site by service providers, care agency employees and community members.

Our Livable Solutions aims to coordinate the care and supports available to its community members in a way that is trauma-responsive, flexible, and dedicated to enabling agency, independence and dignity for everyone in the community.