Family Support Group

When a loved one is struggling with homelessness, families are often left wondering where they can turn to for help; understanding where their loved one can get help, how to establish healthy boundaries and how to find support for themselves. Beautiful moments occur at our cabin community when we get to witness families reconnect, it's an important part of the journey to exit homelessness.

OLS has seen the need to develop a support group for families who have loved ones experiencing homelessness. Recently OLS assisted a person trying to bring their loved one home from another province. After helping them build community connections, they were able to reconnect with their loved one. The person asked OLS if there was support for family members, and offered to help organize such a group. After contacting family members connected to our cabin community, the responses were positive, one father enthusiastically responded 'Yes, please!' and offered to help organize and even host meetings.

Family Support Group Meeting

Sunday, January 21, 2024 2:00pm to 4:00pm

The Spire - 82 Sydenham Street

The first meeting was a facilitated session for any family members whose loved ones are experiencing homelessness. We collected ideas regarding the type of support needed to help frame future meetings. Education, information, peer and therapeutic support were all discussed. It was agreed at the first meeting to hold family support group meetings the third Sunday of each month at The Spire.

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