Permanent Home

When we opened our doors to our first resident January 17th, 2022, none of us knew whether the cabin concept would work to help transition people from homelessness. But, we listened to the people we support, and took a leap of faith that they knew what would be best for them, and they were right. Having a key to their own 'home' has helped give our residents a better sense of independance and self worth and has helped to improve their outlook on life. It's time to move our program to a permanent location so we can offer more stability for our residents and help develop more complex programming.

With support from the City of Kingston, Our Livable Solutions is looking for a long-term location for the sleeping cabin program.

About the sleeping cabin program

Our program assists individuals exiting homelessness by providing a safe place to stay as they transition into permanent housing. The sleeping cabins are hosted at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour during the winter and Centre 70 during the summer. A longer-term location will offer our residents a secure community environment and the ability to settle into the cabins while they access support plan their next steps with staff. The 17 sleeping cabins are situated side by side with a central space which offers amenities such as a kitchen, bathrooms, and gathering space. The sleeping cabins are 8'x10' each and accomodate a bed, dresser, desk, etc. 

Our property wish list


Centre 70 Video Tour

Cabin Interior

Cabins at POH

About us

OLS strongly believes that many peoople who struggle in the traditional shelter system could benefit from having a secure, stable place to live, where they can be supported on-site by service providers, care agency employees and community members. OLS aims to coordinate the care and support available to its community members in a way that is trauma-responsive, flexible, and dedicated to enabling agency, independance and dignity for everyone in the community.

If you think your land may be a good fit for the sleeping cabin program or you would like to learn more, please reach out to Chrystal Wilson . We understand you may have many more questions about compensation, feasibility of site, or any other matters.  We would appreciate the opportunity to meet and discuss further.

We are grateful for your consideration. A long-term location will make a big difference in the lives of our cabin residents.

On behalf of our cabin residents and staff - thank you!